About Kong Academy

Kong Academy is a committed community of playful movers and nurturing teachers that cultivate an environment where people can play, move, and grow together.

We empower individuals to overcome their obstacles by honoring each person where they are: we guide their growth and celebrate persistence through the Art of Movement.

Kong Academy Pillars

Parkour for kids

Parkour for Kids is connecting, embracing, and expressing the self physically to overcome your obstacles joyfully to:

• Develop a connection with yourself and the environment
• Build a strong and mobile body
• Progress together in a community full of support

Executive Function Development (EF)

We have built our programs based on neuropsychological principles of executive function and child development; focusing on organizing cognitive processes. We do this by:

• Improving working memory
• Growing cognitive flexibility
• Guiding impulse control

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

SEL helps students in acquiring positive relationship building skills within themselves and others. The Kong Academy method uses SEL principles to guide students to:

• Understand and manage emotions
• Build compassion and positive relationships
•Make responsible decisions and develop a growth mindset

  • Research has consistently proven that play is beneficial to physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development at all ages….learn more
  • Movement catalyzes the growth of new brain cells (neurogenesis), aides in the creation of new synapses (synaptic plasticity),and enhances chemicals in the brain—like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine leading to improved mood. For overall greater brain health…..learn more
  • Parkour increases muscular strength, improve the ability to perform complex movements, and promotes lifelong healthy living habits….learn more
  • Parkour increases emotional stability, confidence, and feelings of self worth

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kong Academy Team

Curt Jordan

Founder / Chief Head Monkey

Curt is a monkey. He runs around, climbs on top of things, swings from lamp posts and is excited to play with everyone!

He has trained and worked as a physical therapy assistant, paramedic, personal trainer, lifeguard, parkour instructor, and a special education teacher. He has worked with kids since 1999 and loves to help people improve their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Growing mindful movers is his passion and he is grateful to bring people together through play.

Elke Robshaw

Co-founder / Chief Play Officer

Elke is a lifelong mover. She has studied martial arts and dance, enjoyed kiteboarding, strength training, capoeira, and climbing before eventually finding her real passion: parkour.

She loves to share her passion with anyone that is willing to move. Elke knows the importance of being active and outdoors first hand, and she celebrates movement daily with her own young children.

Bryan Riggins

Bryan Riggins

Head Coach

Bryan started Parkour in 2008 teaching himself the philosophy and discipline through Parkour Generation/Yamakasi videos and Ryan Ford’s Demon Drills series.

Since then he has become a certified level 1 and 2 coach. Furthermore, he has a background in strength and conditioning for Parkour and sports psychology in competitive settings. His training style focuses on powerful high line movements incorporating technical footwork and a love for fear and height challenges.

Nina Sohn

Nina Sohn

Synergistic Functionalities Ninja / Coach

Nina has been active since she was a child!

She would swim, skate, climb, and flip around on a trampoline for hours. She loves to explore and expand the abilities of her body through movement. Now she explores her passions for parkour, circus arts, and other various art styles of movement. She loves sharing her passions with kids and believes in using positive encouragement to help you achieve anything you put your mind to. Now, she spends her days teaching kids parkour and working with Kong Academy as their Synergistic Functionalities Ninja!

Ian Cunningham

Ian Cunningham

Logistics Viking/Coach

Ian first started his movement journey in 2013, after trying martial arts and jogging he discovered parkour and leapt into it feet-first.

Ian uses his movement practice to center his mind and body. He is finding joy in the simple expression of jumping, climbing, and balancing. In addition to his coaching, Ian enjoys organizing and practical logistics. When he’s not working or jumping on things you can find him playing Dungeon and Dragons with his friends or listening to audio dramas on long walks.

Filip Tuhy

Filip Tuhy


Filip started Parkour in 2005. He likes to create expressive flow and continuous movement that feels fluid and natural.

He enjoys playful movement of all kinds, especially spinning on walls and rails. Filip has been leading community classes and holds an ADAPT Level 1 Parkour Coaching Certificate. He likes to share the lighthearted side of Parkour with his students.




Sheep has always loved movement and exploring her boundaries and environment.

She has been climbing on and jumping from trees and rocks for as long as she can remember, but parkour is the first thing that allowed her to explore urban environments and feel at home in the city. Sheep found parkour through community events in the Bay Area, and is helping to facilitate similar events like the Monthly Beginners Jam and Friday Jumps here in Seattle. Sheep is ADAPT lvl 1 certified, and loves encouraging people to explore their surroundings and their capacities.

Ian Schwartz

Ian Schwartz


Ian was born down where the drawls are slow and the tea is sweet but he migrated to the picturesque

Northwest to learn some sweet new skills. And learn he did; by day he trades in data and spreadsheets and by night (and sometimes mid-morning) he teaches parkour in this great urban landscape. He was brought up by PKV in the early Leary days, circa 2010, and has been a staple of the Seattle community ever since. A founding member of “Team Old”, Ian started training around his third decade and has been keeping it up almost daily ever since. His coaching style takes its cues from old-school Jackie Chan films and other masterpieces of early martial arts cinema.

Eric Jusino

Eric Jusino


Eric’s been working with local parkour organizations building, organizing, and teaching since 2009.

He trains parkour because it’s fun, challenging, and brings adventure into the everyday world. He teaches a fun, accessible class, and has a special connection with people who think they’re too old or injured to play outside.

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