February Newsletter 2020

Dear Kong Academy Family,

And the Winner is … Bryce! Congratulations!
We started 2020 with giving you monthly movement challenges. In January, the challenge was balancing for time. The lucky winner of our first prize was Bryce from Bellingham. He now gets to practice his jumping with a pair of brand new, handmade precision trainers!! The challenge for February is precision jumps for amount. This time we will be giving out 4 different challenges:

🥉Bronze challenge – 10 precisions🥉
🥈Silver challenge – 25 precisions🥈
🥇Gold challenge – 50 precisions🥇
🌟Platinum challenge – 100+ precisions🌟

To enter the challenge, you can do any one of these tiers to win the prize. A winner will be announced at the end of February. To enter to win the challenge, film yourself doing the monthly challenge. Post it on your Instagram and tag us @kongacademy with the hashtag #kamonthlychallenge2020 OR send a video to


Parkour Fundamentals for Adults

We are running a 9-week “Parkour Fundamentals” series for adults starting this April! This course is designed for brand new beginners up to intermediate students. We will introduce and build confidence in a wide range of skills including balance, jumping, vaulting, and climbing. After taking this class, you will have an understanding of how to practice parkour safely on your own. The skills acquired in this class will also provide a set of movement vocabulary that more advanced classes can build on.

Wonder why starting parkour as an adult is a good idea?
It’s fun!
It’s challenging!
You can do it anywhere!
It helps you get fit and stay fit!
No need for specialized gear!
It’s a new way of exploring your city.
It helps with coordination and being able to fall safely, reducing injury in the long run.
It’s versatile and can be combined with other movement practices such as dance, ninja warrior, and martial arts.
Where: Red Square at University of Washington campus
When: Thursday nights 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Dates: 4/2 4/9 4/16 4/23 4/30 5/7 5/14 5/21 5/28

Register before March 20 to get an Early Bird Discount of $26!
Regular registration price: $225*

To register, ask questions, *and for financial aid send an email to
Jump With Us!

Save the Date: Epic Easter Egg Hunt

We started planning for … Easter!! Fed up with the same old, same old Easter Egg Hunts? Save the Date for our epic Easter Egg Treasure Hunt! Defeat the dragon, fight with monsters and outsmart the witty spider to secure the treasure box and share the bounty with your fellow Egg Hunters. It was amazing last year and it will be even better this year!!! Save the Date: Sunday, April 12.

An Adult’s Guide to Social Skills, for Those Who Were Never Taught
An imperative part of developing Social Skills, which often goes unmentioned by our guardians as we develop in childhood, is something referred to as E. I., or Emotional Intelligence. This intelligence is what allows one to acknowledge one’s emotions, to recognize the emotional state of others, and to use the information gathered to guide and inspire one’s own behavior. E. I. is a relatively new concept within psychology circles, and this article by Eric Ravenscraft with The New York Times, entitled “An Adult’s Guide to Social Skills, for Those Who Were Never Taught”, goes into further detail about how the use and development of our E. I. can enhance our Social Skills.

It is possible, that by paying close attention to the five general categories of E. I., named as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and socialization, and using these skills consciously and with compassion, one could find themselves more at ease within social situations, by being more at ease within themselves.

Read Full Article

Summer Camp registration is in full swing! We opened registration exactly one month ago and are already 1/3 full. Make sure you get a space in the camp that works best for you and register today. Early Bird Discount until March 31. We also opened the camp on July 20 at Luther Burbank Park to teenagers (13-15). Here is the link to our Teen’s Camp.
Come cook with us! Our meal cooking session for the homeless youth at the YouthCare Orion Center is booked and we need a group of 5-6 volunteers to prepare lunch on March 27 at 11am for 2.5h. We will also need food donations and volunteers to buy the food and bring it either to Kong Academy (Old Rainier Brewery) or directly to the Orion Center. Please contact Nina at if you want to join our volunteer grocery-shopping-cooking group!


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