Expectations and Code of Conduct

Dear Guardians and Students:

Welcome to Kong Academy Summer Camp!

We wanted to first say thank you for considering to be a part of the Kong Academy family of movers. To help ensure the highest quality of service, we have developed this handbook. Our goal is to promote a healthy and safe environment for everyone that encourages the physical, social, and emotional development of all students.

After thousands of hours of practical application with hundreds of movers, we’ve learned, and continue to learn, how to improve our communication and coaching expectations. In an effort to ensure a consistent and exceptional experience at our camps, we have a formal policy of shared expectations for our coaches and students.

This handbook is meant to inform the guardians and students of policies and expectations, as well as share with you what you can expect from us as an organization. This guide includes detailed information about our summer camp activities, procedures, and policies.

Please read this handbook carefully, and keep it in a safe place for easy reference during the camp’s session. Kong Academy strives to provide an atmosphere where children can move, play, and grow; we always welcome suggestions and ideas that will help us to make your child’s time at our summer camp beneficial and rewarding. We encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with us at any time to help us provide an even better service to your children as well as our community.

Thank you,

Curt Jordan / Elke Robshaw / Nina Sohn *ka family

Kong Academy Responsibilities

Our Mission Statement

Kong Academy cultivates an environment where people can play, move and grow together.

We empower individuals to overcome their obstacles by honoring each person where they are, guiding their growth, and celebrating their persistence.

We create community and build trust by living our shared values.


Welcome Email: Kong Academy sends out an introduction email before the first day of camp. The email will cover the start date, the end date, time of the program, information about your coach, as well as a link to the waiver.

Correspondence: Kong Academy primarily communicates with our participant’s guardians via email from info@kongacademy.org and we typically get back to emails with in 48 hours. If you need a more immediate response, or if your matter is urgent, please call us directly:

  • Curt Jordan at (206) 861-9937
  • Elke Robshaw at (206) 227-7192
  • Nina Sohn at (661) 992-5097


Student Check in:  At the start of each day, Kong Academy staff signs in each registered child that is present on the attendance list. If anyone from the class is missing, the coach will contact the parent or guardian listed as the emergency contact to confirm attendance status of the child.

Snack:  We will have two different snack times each day of camp to help keep the kids’ energy up. Kong Academy will not provide snacks for the students, so please pack two snacks, a hearty lunch, and a large bottle of water.

Warm Up:  We always begin the day with a warm up to keep our students safe and prepare them for the class activities.

Safe Progression: Our teaching method slowly progresses with the students’ abilities, and we tend to stay within the comfort zone of the students, especially those who are just beginning with Parkour. While we often encourage our students to try new movements and techniques, we will never push them to try something they are uncomfortable with or feel unsafe executing. We meet every child at their level and build our progressions from that place.

Code of Conduct

Kong Academy is committed to providing a welcoming, safe and fun environment for all students. Therefore, it is important that everyone exhibits respect for themselves, fellow movers, coaches and the environment at all times. At every class, our coaches review and discuss procedures, structure and behavior expectations with our young movers. Everyone is expected to be respectful of other movers, coaches and the environment we use for practice.

Inappropriate, disruptive and/or violent behavior will not be tolerated. Examples of inappropriate behavior include, but are not limited to: fighting, name-calling, foul language, arguing, bullying, racism, separating from the group, or using a cell phone or electronic device during class (exceptions made for coaches using devices for instructional purposes or communicating with parents or Kong Academy leadership if needed during class). Minor behavioral problems such as unwillingness to participate in an activity or minor disputes with other group members will be addressed by our coaches and utilized as a learning opportunity. If behavior issues persist, parents or guardians will be contacted to work towards a resolution. The student will be given a probation period of two classes during which they are given the opportunity to prove that they are willing to follow our code of conduct. If a student’s behavior continues to disrupt the class or endangers the physical or emotional safety of themselves or others, Kong Academy reserves the right to suspend the student for a session or more or finally disenroll the student with no refund. Suspension and disenrollment are extremely rare. Our goal is to work with students and parents towards a solution other than expulsion whenever feasible.

Behavior Management Policy

Kong Academy staff has received Kong Academy Methodology coach training as well as a module in social and emotional development training. Our staff will make every effort to manage all behavioral issues in class with the priority of helping, nurturing and promoting the wellbeing of all our students.

Our general consequence progression is as follows: (coaches follow this as a guideline)

Warning → 2nd warning → 5 min time out → 5 min timeout + 5 min loss of free time →  sit out for longer (coaches discretion) → communication with a parent + action plan → probation (1 day) → disenrollment.

We believe that every day is a new day, and we will not carry over consequences from a previous session. However, Kong Academy reserves the right to jump ahead in the consequence progression should that action be warranted.


Accidents: In the event of a light accident or acute illness, every effort will be made to notify the child’s parents. If a situation requires immediate attention, 911 will be called and the child will be transported to the hospital by ambulance. An incident report will be filled out and you will be notified by Kong Academy as soon as possible.

Ouch Report Policy: If a child gets injured or hurts another child (even if minor) while in our program, we write a report summarizing the event. This will be sent home with you at the end of the class. In the event of a serious incident, you will be notified immediately.

Medications: We do not administer medication.

Cancellation policy

Full payment is required at registration. If you need to cancel your camp registration, you can move to one of our other summer camps at no additional cost, provided there is space available. If the alternate camp you want to take is full or you find a replacement take your place, we are happy to send you a refund minus a cancellation fee of $100. Unless the circumstances are exceptional , no refunds are given after the second day of camp. If there are any medical reasons why your child cannot start or has to discontinue our program, please contact us and a credit for a future program or a refund minus attended classes will be given. A $100 cancellation fee may be applied.

We reserve the right to cancel a program due to low registration. If this happens, you will be informed as soon as possible and refunded your full registration amount.

Guardians Expectations

Absence: Please inform info@kongacademy.org if your child will be absent from class.

Guardian Pick-Up:  Kong Academy sends you a Welcome Email with details about start and end of the program, pick up time and location etc. Please make sure you pick your child up promptly after class. At pick up, please make sure you sign your child out on the coach’s attendance sheet. If you are planning to pick up children other than your own, or if you plan to have others pick your child up, we require their names and phone numbers to be listed as authorized to pick up your child on your registration paperwork.

Late Drop-Off: If you are running late in the morning, and foresee arriving at drop-off later than 15 minutes past camp start time, please call Nina Sohn immediately at (661) 992-5097 (or Elke Robshaw at (206) 227-7192) so we can inform the coach.We typically start our camps each day with a 15 minute warm-up activity. While we will always do our best to be sure to have the entire group together before we embark on our day’s adventures, you may need to coordinate with Nina or Elke to locate where our group is if you arrive later than 15 minutes past camp start time.

Late Pick-Up: There is a grace period of 15 minutes for both the coaches and the parents for the end of the day. We understand that traffic and unforeseen events can cause tardiness. Similarly, some of Seattle’s parks are quite large. While we do our best to transition our students to the pick up location promptly, it can sometimes be tricky to navigate a group of tired kids as quickly as we would like. We will not exceed that grace period. If your child is picked up later than 15 minutes after the end of class, Kong Academy reserves the right to charge $10 for every additional 5 minutes. If you are running late, you must notify Nina Sohn immediately at (661) 992-5097 (or Elke Robshaw at (206) 227-7192) so we can inform the coach. The additional late fee will still apply.

Behavioral Pick-Up: We will always do our best to ensure a child’s success and manage issues on site. However, a student’s failure to adhere to the Kong Academy Code of Conduct may result in immediate removal from the program for the day, or the remainder of the sessions. It will be the parents’ responsibility to come and pick up the child immediately or have an authorized adult pick them up if called.

General Health: Please make sure your child is in good health when attending our camps. If your child has any movement restrictions, please notify info@kongacademy.org so we can let the coach know. If your child has a fever, cold etc… please don’t send them to class.

Clothing: We will often be outdoors. Please make sure your child is prepared to come to the program with appropriate clothes for the day, including a change of clothes if rain is in forecast or a hat or sunglasses if the weather calls for sun. Kids should come to camp with sunscreen on and bring a sunscreen spray for later. Should your child need help with their spray sunscreen, our coaches will assist. We strongly suggest sunscreen that keeps our wildlife and lakes safe from harm (The “Reef-safe” label typically indicates a safe option).

Food/Water: We give the group snack time twice per day to keep their energy up. Please provide healthy, hearty snacks for your child. Additionally, please be sure to send your child with a large, full water bottle.

Cell Phones or Electronic Devices: Students may not use their cell phones or electronic devices during class. Our coaches sometimes utilize devices for aiding in instruction or filming for feedback. If there is a special circumstance where your child may need access to a device during the camp day, please communicate that to us ahead of time and we may make special considerations. Otherwise, electronic use must wait until after class. Additionally, if your child brings an electronic device or phone with them, they are solely responsible for it’s safety.

Head Lice: Kong Academy has a no lice, no nit policy. If head lice are found, the parents of the child will be notified and asked to take the child for immediate treatment. Children who have been sent home with head lice may return to to our program once they have been cleared for return.

Payment: Tuition must be paid in full no later than 24 hours prior to the start of camp. If tuition is not paid in full, your spot will be opened up for registration to those on the wait list first, and then to other families. We are always willing to work with families that may need help or extra time to pay tuition. Though no promises can be made we will make our best effort to accommodate all families.

First Come, First Served:  Kong Academy enrolls students on a first come, first served basis. Due to the nature of our program, we can only accommodate a certain number of students safely in each camp. If a class is full, you will be put on a waiting list. If student slots become available, we will contact parents on our waiting list first before opening the spot to others.

Special Considerations

We want to give every child the best experience possible. Should your child require additional physical or emotional support or if they have mental or physical limitations, you must notify Kong Academy prior to registration so that we can determine if we can accommodate the needs of the individual as well as satisfy the needs of the group. In order for us to ensure everyone’s safety, growth, and happiness, we must be able to plan accordingly for additional needs required by some children.

Please note that to ensure your child’s safety, coaches need to spot the students. This means that they will touch the child during some of the movements to prevent any accidents and injuries. Please talk to your child about this before starting the program to make sure they are aware that this is to ensure their safety and they feel comfortable with physical contact from our coaches.

By registering your child, you have acknowledged that you have read understood, and agree to the terms above.

For students: We are excited you are joining our movement!

Attending Kong Academy classes are a privilege, not a right. You are expected to behave in a kind and respectful way to everyone and the environment we practice in. If your behavior keeps the class from being fun, safe and educational, you may be removed from the program.

You have the right to:

  • Be in a safe and supportive class
  • Be treated with respect
  • Learn new and exciting things
  • Play fair within the rules
  • Ask questions and be helped by the instructor
  • In all disciplinary matters, to have the opportunity to present your version of the event

The rules you must follow are:

  • Listen and follow directions
  • Respect everyone and everything in class
  • Make your best effort to have fun, learn, and stay safe
  • Be responsible and accept consequences of your actions
  • Stay and work together at all times

If you choose to break these rules you may be removed from the program and your parent will come and pick you up.

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