Dear Kong Academy Family,


Come and Cook with Us! 🍳
Our meal cooking session for the homeless youth at the YouthCare Orion Center is booked!!! We need a group of 5-6 volunteers to prepare lunch on March 27 at 11am for 2.5h (includes cooking and serving food). We will also need food donations and volunteers to buy the food and bring it either to Kong Academy (Old Rainier Brewery) or directly to the Orion Center.

This event is for volunteers aged 18+ only. YouthCare has volunteer opportunities available for kids: Under 18 Volunteer Opportunities and we would love to organize something for our younger community members in the near future. But for now, let’s make sure we prepare a great lunch for the homeless youth at the Orion Center.

Please contact Nina at if you want to join our volunteer grocery-shopping-cooking group!


Summer Camp Early Bird Discount
KA Parkour Adventure Camps 2020
We’ll make sure your kid has an amazing summer full of movement, adventure and fun! Register for our 2020 Parkour Adventure Summer Camp before March 31, 2020 and receive a $20 Early Bird Discount! To register or find out more about our camps, go to

LARPing With King Ian


👑Be on the lookout for King Ian’s returning LARPing adventures! 👑

They will be starting up again weekly starting on Saturday, February 1st at Gas Works Park from 4pm-5:30pm.
Join King Ian and learn the secrets of sword swinging. Like all our community classes, the ⚔️LARPing program ⚔️ is donation-based with a suggested donation of $10-20 per session. 1/3 of all proceeds go back into the community as:
donations to YouthCare,

  • Provide subsidized parkour programs to Title I schools
  • Fund our Parkour in PE pilot program at Seattle Public Schools
  • Join in the fun, learn how to swing a sword and support the community!

All our community classes are listed on our website and you can register directly there.

I Wish I Had That On Video

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard that someone is too old, too weak, too uncoordinated, too (fill in the blanks) to start Parkour (or anything new). Parkour has the reputation of being for “the young”, “the fit”, “the daredevils” – but there is so much more to Parkour than what people see on YouTube. Here’s Steve’s Parkour story:

A few weeks ago I was playing an intense game of tag among the trees with some friends (OK, yes, at a Parkour class.) I caught my foot on a root, tripped, and was catapulted rapidly toward the ground. Fortunately, my Parkour instincts kicked in. I executed a forward roll and bounced right back into the game.

It’s great to practice a move when you can take your time, get oriented, and prepare. But I’m much more proud of the bails, recoveries, and misses where I discover that I have the strength and reactions to protect me when I really need it.

I recently went snowboarding with my son. I was much more confident taking falls due to my Parkour practice.










By the way, I’m 58 – it’s never too late for Parkour.