June Newsletter 2019

Dear Kong Academy Family,
We’re so excited to share with you the events and activities we’ve been a part of recently! At QRKCON, we shared our passion for Parkour and the Art of Movement with the neurodiverse community. The Mercer Island Boys and Girls club invited us to be a part of the Mother Son Games Night where we created a fun course for everyone. Our Chief Play Officer, Elke, attended the first ever Parkour Over 40 jam at Revolution Parkour in Portland, OR and jumped around with an awesome community of Parkour practitioners!



Scholarships through FEF3 Systems
Great news! Kong Academy is growing so fast that we admittedly having a hard time keeping up. This is a great problem to have. To help with this, we have partnered with FEF3 Systems. They do system and product developmental research, design, fabrication, integration, and consultation for small and medium sized businesses. What does that mean? They are helping us update our business systems and processes behind the scenes so we can keep growing and give our students an even better experience.

Now FEF3 Systems wants to give back and they are offering scholarships for our summer camps or school programs. Please contact us if you are interested to find out more about our new scholarship opportunities.

For more information on FEF3 Systems, visit or search for FEF3 Systems on Facebook.


Parkour and Swim Summer Camps

Summer is approaching! If you want a fun activity for your child then sign them up for one of our Parkour or Swim Camps! Our camps for Chimpanzees (6-10y) are almost full, but we still have room for Gibbons (3-5y), Baboons (11-15y), and our Aquatic Adventure (8-10y)!
Gibbons (3-5 year olds)
Chimpanzees (6-10 year olds)
Baboons (11-15 year olds)
Swim camps (8-10 year olds)


Ian Cunningham, Logistics Viking at Kong Academy, shares his experience about how Parkour and movement impacted his anxiety: You can read the article here, on our blog!


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