Sensory Integration Sidewalk


The demands of social distancing combined with the closure of city parks and state forests has made going outside feel like a challenge.  However, research shows that spending just two hours each week outside can improve your physical and mental health. As we work together to flatten the curve, how can we continue connecting with nature? 


Since we can’t travel far, our sidewalks have become an opportunity to connect with nature and our neighbors. Kong Academy is partnering with the Phinney Neighborhood Association to show Seattlites how to turn sidewalks into movement challenges. We encourage everyone in Seattle to turn a piece of the sidewalk in front of their house or apartment building into something that they and their neighbors can use as an opportunity for movement, education, and play. Better yet, let’s turn it into a Sensory Integration Sidewalk the whole community can enjoy! 


What is a Sensory Integration Sidewalk? 

A sensory integration sidewalk (SIS) is a path that is created to give interactive prompts for the participants to receive, organize, and use information to play and move in a structured way. 

These types of pathways  are designed to improve gross motor skills, balance and perception as well as develop Executive Functions such as impulse control, working memory and emotional regulation. It is also a fun way to teach a variety of subjects such as:  Science, Literacy, and Mathematics!

We recommend keeping it positive and using sidewalk chalk, homemade chalk paint (which can be easily made with cornstarch, water, and food coloring), or washable sidewalk paint. Make sure your design or activity encourages folks to stay six feet apart,


If you need a little bit of inspiration, take a look at the resources we’ve put together!


get the Sensory Integration Sidewalk Guide And see this in action!