Dear Kong Academy Family,
Thank you all so much! Your support made it possible for us to hand over another check of $2,500 to YouthCare. It also allowed us to give out 9 scholarships for our summer camps and fall after-school programs worth a total of $2,367. These are impressive numbers and we are so grateful to all of you!

Paris from YouthCare offered to give the Kong Academy community a tour of the YouthCare Orion Center. Please let us know if you are interested in joining us. It’ll give you a good idea what the money you’ve been donating over the last couple of years has been used for! Send us a message to We’ll be sending out details about the tour in the next newsletter!

Paris and Karyn from YouthCare came to the Kong Academy Jungle Gym to discuss the start of an internship program. We are very excited to deepen our relationship with YouthCare. Let’s all work together to end homelessness!!




First Ever Kong Academy Corporate Recess Pilot
Are you fed up with the alarm going off at 5am so you can get a workout in? Do you feel frustrated because you skipped another day at the gym after work because you are exhausted, got stuck in traffic and just want to get home to put your legs up or play with the kids or “insert whatever else feels more appealing than going to the gym after work”? We have the solution! Kong Academy runs Corporate Recess pilots until the end of 2019. We show up at lunchtime, set up our equipment, teach a fun and challenging class, pack everything up, leave and come back for the next session. Super easy. All you have to do is send us an email to We come to where you are!

We are into week 2 of our first Corporate Recess pilot for a big tech company on the Eastside. Like for all of our classes, we use our equipment to make the environment more approachable. Corporate Recess is for everyone, whether you haven’t moved in a few decades or just finished your 10th marathon, we’ll find something fun and challenging for you and your colleagues!

New: Registration System for our Community Drop-in Classes
We added quite a few new community drop-in classes over the last few weeks. It reached a point where we had to get our act together and become more organized around our community classes: Sara Kappler, the most amazing software wizard, from Sara Kappler Consulting has worked her magic and synced our backend admin tools so we finally have a more efficient (and reliable) way to communicate with you all.

Check out our calendar for an overview (and registration links) of all our classes. You can also go directly to Eventbrite. We realize that after not having a registration system for 3 years, it’ll take a while for everyone to get on board. And we will not turn anyone away that’s not registered – just make sure you signed a waiver before class. However, it makes our lives easier, so please check out the registration links and let us know if you have any questions!

And in case you were wondering: our classes are still all donation-based with 1/3 of all revenue going to outreach projects. Eventbrite asks for a minimum of $1 (plus Eventbrite fee) to register. If you don’t wish to contribute financially, just send us an email to and we are happy to add you to our attendance list.


Have a Birthday Coming up?

Sara has not only fixed our drop-in class registration system, but also helped us to improve the logistics around our Birthday Parties! Every Saturday, we offer 90min Parkour or LARPing birthday parties. As always, we come to where you are! Check out all the details at Kong Academy Birthday Parties.