Kong Academy launches online Parkour program for beginners


Seattle, WA — August 15, 2020 


With an increasing number of schools moving to virtual-only education, Kong Academy founders Curt Jordan and Elke Robshaw wanted to help get students moving this school year.


“Our current realities and fewer opportunities for organized sports means it’s more important than ever for students and adults to get up and move,” said Curt. “Parkour is a way to bring movement to everyone, so students can learn to joyfully overcome obstacles while getting the physical education that’s essential for their development.”


Curt and Elke launched Kong Academy’s Online Parkour Program in August. The program, which currently includes Level 1- Parkour for Beginners, is designed as a 4-week program to safely introduce and teach the foundations of Parkour. All coaches are trained in SEL (Social Emotional Learning) skills, which means they are not only Parkour experts, but they also know how to empower students. Every lesson has been designed to be self-guided, engaging, participatory, challenging, and fun.


Inclusive by design, Curt and Elke understand the importance of designing programs for every age, body type, and fitness level. Feedback questions after every lesson ensure that students are growing with the program.


Parents and kids have been responding to Kong Academy’s programs positively. “My 8 year old loved this so much,” said a Broadview mom. “When it was finished he said, ‘Mom, I don’t want to sign up for Parkour again because I can’t handle how sad I feel when it is over.” “I was so impressed with this class. My son, who did not like online school, LOVED Kong Academy’s Online Enrichment program and was independently entertained for 3 hours each day,” said Deborah Schlosberg. “My daughter really loved it and I so appreciated the social emotional growth that the program promoted through awareness of and managing emotions, particularly fear”, wrote Lindsay Lincoln.




Kong Academy is a committed community of playful movers and nurturing teachers that cultivates an environment where people can play, move, and grow together. We empower individuals to overcome their obstacles by honoring each person where they are: we guide their growth and celebrate persistence through the Art of Movement.


For more information about Kong Academy’s Online Program, please visit: https://kongacademy.org/online or contact Elke Robshaw at elke@kongacademy.org. Special discounts are available for schools and non-profit organizations. 

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