Kong Academy Summer Camps are a fun and adventurous way to keep your kids moving and growing this summer! See below for our 2019 camps, our 2020 schedule will come out soon!

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Your Kids will…

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Make new friends

by playing and creating new games and working together to overcome challenges – everyone is part of the team!

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Learn & grow

by practicing parkour skills, forest crafting, knot tying, swimming, water safety skills, and so much more!

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Have a blast

play is a kore belief to Kong Academy. What would a summer be like for kids without experiencing the most fun possible?

Parkour Adventure

Our Parkour Adventure campers learn and apply parkour movements by using our special equipment which transforms the natural environment. Our trained staff is ready to guide your camper through various progressions that safely grow your child’s physical abilities as well as develop their confidence. We round out our camp with crafting in the woods, building shelters and learning knots, practicing basic first aid, and romping through Seattle’s parks having a blast!

Age Date Location
Ages 6-10 (Chimps) June 17-21 Shoreline Sign Up
Ages 6-10 (Chimps) June 24-28 Volunteer Park Sign Up
Ages 3-5 (Gibbons) July 1-5 Volunteer Park Sign Up
Ages 6-10 (Chimps) July 8-12 Seward Park* Sign Up
Ages 6-10 (Chimps) July 15-19 Gas Works Park Sign Up
Ages 6-10 (Chimps) July 22-26 Luther Burbank* Sign Up
Ages 6-10 (Chimps) July 29 - Aug 2 Gas Works Park Sign Up
Ages 11-15 (Baboons) Aug 5-9 Freeway Park Sign Up
Ages 6-10 (Chimps) Aug 12-16 Woodland Park Sign Up
Ages 6-10 (Chimps) Aug 19-23 Volunteer Park Sign Up

*Camps with this Icon may use the beach under lifeguard supervision.

Aquatic Adventure

Our Aquatic Adventure is designed for fun in and around the water. This program is led by our energetic camp counselors, who are Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor certified. Campers will practice and perfect swimming techniques, play games, and build their water safety skills. It’s going to be a hot summer, so get ready to cool off while you grow your water confidence, make new friends, and have tons of fun!

Age Date Location
Ages 8-10 (Chimps) July 22-26 Green Lake Sign Up
Ages 8-10 (Chimps) August 12-16 Green Lake Sign Up

A third week may be added, if needed

Camp Locations

Gas Works Park
2101 N Northlake Way

Seattle, WA 98103
Volunteer Park
1247 15th Ave E

Seattle, WA 98112
Luther Burbank
2040 84th Ave SE

Mercer Island, WA 98040
Woodland Park
Woodland Park Picnic Shelter #5, Seattle, WA 98103
Freeway Park
700 Seneca Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Hamlin Park
16006 15th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98155
Seward Park
5901 Lake Washington Blvd S
Seattle, WA 98118
Green Lake
7351 East Green Lake Dr N
Seattle, WA 98115

Summer Camp Handbook

This guide includes detailed information about our summer camp activities, procedures, and policies. Please read prior to sign up.

View the Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the daily schedule look like? What kind of activities will you be doing?

Most days will start with warm up games to get the kids moving, getting their bodies ready for activity and building relationships with other campers. Depending on the week, the weather and the location, the kids will spend the morning learning and applying Parkour movements. This will be followed by a session where kids are given an opportunity to work together as a team either creating their own games, overcoming challenges or building a variety of constructions with items we find in the park/on the beach. Camps at parks with access to a beach will include sessions on swimming techniques and water safety skills. In order to prepare our campers for whatever they may encounter in life, we include basic first aid skills and emergency response procedures.

What happens if it is pouring down rain or really hot – will there be sources of shade/water/shelter?

All the parks we have chosen for our summer camps have sheltered areas for both shade and adverse weather conditions. Our coaches are very familiar with the different parks and will make sure the kids are not exposed to any extreme weather or travel too far from readily available sources of water.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is the physical discipline of overcoming obstacles by using natural movements of the human body to navigate through our environment. Parkour is an alternative to traditional exercise, helping people become more playful, confident and capable of turning challenges into opportunities for physical and mental growth.

My child is interested in Parkour but has never done it before. (or is not very agile, shy, etc…) Would this be a good fit for my child?

The Kong Academy teaching method is based on the five pillars of Social Emotional Learning (self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making). At our summer camps, we teach a large range of skills (including functional strength and fitness, balance, spatial awareness, agility, coordination, precision, control and creative vision). We include movements and progressions that offer fun and challenging activity for every child, every ability and every skill level. The SEL component of the camp gives us the tools to make sure every child feels included, gives their best effort and leaves the camp every day with a feeling of achievement.

Are snacks provided? Do I send my child with a lunch? What if my child has food allergies?

Please make sure your child brings lunch, a snack and a large water bottle. The kids are very active at our camps, and we take breaks for food and water throughout the day to keep their energy levels up.

What if my child has allergies?

If you haven’t already, please provide us with an up-to-date list of allergies, food or otherwise, their level of risk (rash, discomfort, anaphylaxis?), and a standard protocol to follow in the event of exposure. If your child has severe allergies/reactions, please call Elke Robshaw at 206.227.7192 to discuss at least one week prior to your camp beginning.

Will Kong Academy put sunscreen on my child? Do I need to send it or is it provided?

Kids should come to camp with sunscreen on and bring a sunscreen spray for later. Should your child need help with their spray sunscreen, our coaches will assist. (Spray sunscreen is preferable for easy and quick application.) We request that you use sunscreen that is “Reef-safe,” which keeps our wildlife and lakes safe from harm.

What happens if there is an injury?

Every coach has a first aid kit and is trained in basic first aid. Should there be an injury or any kind of emergency, every coach is trained to make sure appropriate steps are taken immediately. In the case of an injury, the people listed as emergency contacts will be contacted (either via phone call/text or email) as quickly as possible. If there is a life threatening injury, Kong Academy will call 911 first and then contact the people listed as emergency contacts as soon as possible.

What’s your teacher/student ratio?

For Parkour Adventures, we accept a maximum of 8 students per coach and every summer camp will have two coaches. For Aquatic Adventures, we accept a maximum of 6 students per coach and every summer camp will have two coaches.

Beyond the typical lunch, snack, etc...what items do I need specifically for Aquatic Adventure camp?

A bathing suit, a towel, a warm shirt, spray sunscreen, and goggles, ear plugs and/or a life jacket should one be needed.

Will my kids be safe in the water?

Yes! Our Aquatic Adventure staff is WSI and Lifeguard certified. Additionally we will be swimming in and around areas with lifeguards on duty. We have also lowered the ratio of camper to coach as an extra measure of caution. Safety is our priority.

What sort of clothing/ shoes should my child wear?

Students should come dressed ready to move. Comfortable clothes and closed shoes are required. If your camp location has access to water, please pack a bathing suit and a towel.

Do they need to bring a change of clothes?

Please provide a change of clothes in your kids backpack. It’s always a good idea to have one!

What’s the age range of the kids that’ll be learning together?

We have one camp for 3-5 year olds and all other camps are for 6-10 year-old kids.

If I send my child with a backpack to hold their lunch/sunscreen/extra clothes will they be carrying it all day or setting it down somewhere?

We will be rotating through different sections of the park and students will keep their backpacks with them. However, if you want to pack a second bag, we will be able to store them in our van.

Who is running the event?

Elke Robshaw is organizing the camps and will be your main point of contact. Curt Jordan is the main coach for every camp except July 16. You can come meet us at one of our Sunday classes that are held either at local parks or at the Kong Academy Jungle Gym based at the Old Rainier Brewery (details are posted every week on Facebook). Every camp will have a second coach. We send out an email just before the camp with more information about the program and the coaches.

Can I do anything to support this?

Introduce us to your friends by bringing them to a Kong Academy event or share our Facebook and Instagram posts.

Do you have a plan if my kid doesn’t think they can do something?

We scale and progress the challenges based on the students’ level and encourage the kids to give their best effort. Our teaching philosophy is that effort is more important than ability.

Carpool options?

Pogo offers a great service to organize carpools. We will send out emails to parents before the start of the summer camps. If parents agree, we can share the attendance list and emails so you can organize a carpool with other parents.

Will my kids know how to build their own courses?

Yes, course design is part of our summer camp program.

How do I make sure their friends can sign up too?

If you want to make sure your child is in the same camp as their friend/s, please contact us directly at info@kongacademy.org

Is there an incentive for signing up siblings and/or multiple camps?

We had an early bird price which ended in March. In 2018, we do not offer sibling or multiple camp discounts.

Will we receive more information about the camp than what’s already on the website?

Yes, we will send an email to all parents just before the start of every camp with all necessary information about the program and the coach.

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