It’s no secret that youth are lacking in movement in our modern era. Beyond the advent of video games and an insular protection culture cities aren’t designed for movement and play. This article highlights the fact that only 1 in 5 kids are getting the recommended hour of exercise a day even in King County, the second healthiest in the nation according to the 2019 American Fitness Index. The article goes on to address the fact that underprivileged youth are the worst effected by the lack of supported services and facilities. While our parks and playgrounds are good they cannot and do not support our population in their play needs. Bringing play to these youth is the best option that will keep them moving and engaged and returning to it even in an environment designed for the necessities of our modern era. We can do better by our children, teens and adults in support of their health, fitness, and play needs.


We at Kong Academy cultivate an environment where people can play, move, and grow together. We consider play to be critical to growth and engaging youth in the desire to move. We empower individuals to overcome their obstacles by honoring each person where they are, guiding their growth and celebrating their persistence. You can find Kong Academy programs in schools and parks in the Seattle area.


If you would like to support Seattle Parks and Recreation programs directly we recommend the Get Moving Initiative.