We are in this together! – COVID-19 Update

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Schools are closed. We are in this together!


Starting Thursday, March 12 2020, Seattle Public Schools will be closed for a minimum of 14 calendar days.  Our families, kids, and our whole community is under stress. Together we can support each other to stay calm, safe, and healthy!

Community Support and Services

Kong Academy cares deeply for our community and wants to provide families with as much support as possible. For us that means:

  • Video based movement – either scheduled FaceBook Live streaming events, or YouTube self-guided videos with movements and game ideas kids (and adults) can follow to move and connect.
  • Sharing a printable CDC kids hand washing poster we found fun and useful.
  • Organizing small group outdoor lessons (depending on demand).

Facebook Live and YouTube Videos

  • A Kong Academy coach, live on FB to share fun games and movements for everyone so we can all stay healthy and active indoors! Streaming LIVE starting daily at 1:30pm.
  • We will begin adding short videos to our YouTube channel to give parents ideas how to keep kids entertained and moving during the school closure.  Please take a moment and subscribe to our channel so we know you are interested in this.

Kids Hand Washing Poster

We found a fun poster from the CDC to help reinforce good hand washing techniques.

  • This poster can be found and printed here.
  • Hang it up where your kids can see it.
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Adapted & Small Group Classes

We understand that school closures put many parents in a difficult position juggling work and childcare so we are considering offering special, adapted format lessons to give our community options.

Safety is of course our first priority, and we monitor the situation closely and always comply with every recommendation. We feel confident we could incorporate proper hand washing, education on distancing, and still provide outdoor, fun, social movement opportunities for children.

We would be…

  • Instructing students on proper hand washing and safe hygiene habits.
  • Running around playing, and practicing our parkour skills.
  • Playing games focused on learning theimportance of keeping physical distance from other kids.
  • High energy games and activities adapted to ensure increased social distance & limited personal contact.

Cancelled After-School Classes

Pretty much all of our after-school classes are cancelled due to the school closure. We will send out a separate email to our after-school parents to provide you with resources intended to support you and your children during this difficult time.

No matter what measures you are taking to respond to this situation, we are in this together and we want to provide support to this community – either with free virtual sessions or with outdoor childcare options for those who need them. Please be safe and do your best to stay positive. We are constantly checking the CDC website and  Seattle Public Schools website for guidance during this crisis and will remain communicative during this period.

Your KA team


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