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Where Children Learn to Overcome their Obstacles

Kids are often treated as fragile and incapable. 

“We know they are not! But it can be discouraging when you watch them limit themselves. We believe the lessons learned through play prepares them for their lives for the future.”

Inclusive by Design

We offer safe skill progressions to meet each student with the challenges they need regardless of age, body type or fitness level. Kids as young as 6 years old will be able to follow instructions and parents are encouraged to join in the fun!

PE Goes Virtual

Every Lesson covers a set of foundational Parkour movements and has been designed to be engaging, challenging, and fun!

Accessible & Affordable

We believe in equal access to physical education. That’s why our online program is affordably priced and mobile – friendly. So it’s easier than ever to get moving and build your skills.


“We don’t just care about KIDS, We care about Family”

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Kids are often treated as fragile and incapable. With our Parkour program kids will become physically and emotionally strong, ready to better the world.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Kong Academy has given my 2 son’s confidence to do hard things.

Their coaches focus on the mental and emotional aspects of overcoming obstacles as they teach you physical skills.

Deb C.

I Love the community around the Kong Academy.

Their classes help people find their courage and strength while having a great time.

Owen P.

My Son gained his self confidence

My son was 4 when he began training with Curt. Over the past three years Taiyo has gained self-confidence and common sense with his abilities and managing risk.

d settings.

Brad G.

Bohdi has learned Self-Confidence

And excellent parkour skills in Curt’s class. He’s progressed beautifully and is excited to take on new challenges in parkour (he wasn’t always that way). He would never dream of missing a class for any reason.

Maris A.

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How We Teach:

– Pre-recorded on demand course: available whenever and wherever your kid needs to move

– Live virtual lessons on Zoom or in-person classes in Seattle, WA


Get lifetime access for $120 per level

Unlimeted access to all classes & levels for $20/month or $210/year

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