Kong Academy’s After School Program practices Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Executive Functions (EF), through the Art of Movement™ to empower each student to joyfully overcome all obstacles.

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We come to you with custom equipment designed to safely guide parkour and the Art of Movement™ progressions in any environment. This allows for students at all levels to set challenges and be safe. 

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The Kong Academy method is built to better the Social and Emotional learning and Executive Functions of our students through the Art of Movement™ to enrich their lives and brighten their futures!

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Our classes are designed to allow everyone to participate and grow regardless of income, ability, or experience. “We start together, we finish together. We are a team we help each other!”

bring kong academy to you

If you’re interested in expanding your kids’ ability to overcome obstacles and adding more playfulness and movement in their lives, connect with us and let the adventure begin.

We will send additional details along with suggestions on how to engage your PTA and school community to bring Kong Academy’s unique program directly to your kids.

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This is a high energy, skill-building class to challenge kids to engage their physical surroundings. Curt offers a high quality, enthusiastic program inspiring children to move, overcome obstacles, and feel powerful.Ken Bender Director of Extended Day programs at Giddens school

Emma H

Parkour is a fantastic way to get children moving their bodies non-competitively, exposing them to challenges they never thought they could overcome. The instruction from Kong Academy has been superb as they adapt their courses for all the ages they work with!Emma Hodgson After School Director at Villa Academy

Amanda F

This really is just what kids need 🙂 My son comes home so happy afterwards. I am so grateful!Amanda F. Proud Mama

Barcy F

Kong Academy has been one of the best after-school experiences for my family. The program help kids build confidence, get active, and learn how to use their growing bodies to overcome obstacles. My child always comes home tired and happy. We love KA! Barcy F.

Casey H

When you have a child that seems to be constantly perched on trees, walking on walls, jumping rails, hoping from one structure to another, you need Kong Academy. Casey H.

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